D I A N E  V O Y E N T Z I E

Murals are wondrous things.

They can be beautifully simple or outrageously lavish.
They can create new worlds or moods and can transform any


Diane Voyentzie

Diane Voyentzie has created murals for hotels, restaurants, and private residences throughout the country, as well as commissioned paintings.  You are invited to view her website gallery for a look at some of her work. She brings a sense of softness and beauty to areas that were once simple and plain, transforming them into truly one-of-a-kind places for people to enjoy.       


A Connecticut artist who has created art for the past thirty five years, her paintings and murals include landscapes, creative unique designs, and whimsical monkeys and animals for children's rooms. The work is varied in style, but always consistent in craftmanship.  In New York there is the Art Deco Four Seasons mural at the Hotel Wellington.  A fun-loving sophisticated bunch of monkeys adorn the walls  at The Monkey Bar in the Hotel Elysee.

A popular project is the yearly monkey calendar. The  2016 calendar  features 13 beautifully colored prints.  Also available are larger prints of the monkeys.

The Monkey Bar,  is considered one of the most famous murals in New York City. It is located in the Hotel Elysee and is featured in the book, Murals of New York, by Glenn Palmer-Smith, available on Amazon.


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