About Diane Voyentzie

Brookfield, Connecticut painter, Diane Voyentzie, an extremely versatile artist, has been involved in a variety of aspects in art since 1965, including teaching, paintings , and private commissions for residential and public paintings and murals.. She studied with many teachers, including Scott Christensen, Hiram Williams, Isabel O’Neil, and Grahm Rust. She has taught at O’Neil Studio , NYC, The

Parsons School of Design , or The New School in New York City., and the Brookfield Craft Center in CT and has worked with designers and architects throughout the NY area.

Voyentzie takes her inspiration from nature, animals, traveling the world, and the spiritual . Her paintings, and murals can be a look into a dream or simply a beautiful way to enhance the environment. Voyentzie is continually exploring new techniques, and new art tools, as well as new substructures. Aluminum and different papers are some of the experimentation that she is currently exploring., along with an exploration of mixed medias., i.e. oils, acrylics, pencils, and other marker tools used together. Her artistic styles range from impressionistic to complete abstract.


Voyentzie’s large murals of trees and parks, and her trompe l’oeil murals are located in several public venues., including, The Monkey Bar, in NYC, The Plaza Hotel Presidential Suite, NYC, The Wellington Hotel in NYC, The Hotel Elysee in NYC, and the Jared Coffin House in Nantucket, The Webster Bank in CT, and, the Hawleyville, Post Office, in Newtown, CT, as well as the Trompe l’oeil Murals in the Cancer Center Infusion Unit in Danbury CT. There are murals in residences throughout New York, and Florida. The residential mural in Lake Tahoe was on the cover of Architectural Digest in 1989.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, when Voyentzie and her husband lived in Gainesville Florida, she studied with Hiram Williams, who in later years became a mentor and good friend. Letters from Hiram encouraging different ideas and ways to incorporate the painted furniture that she was very skilled at, started her on a new venture of painted dummy boards., which were large wooden cut out forms ,painted to resemble people and animals. These gave way to later painting the monkeys.

About the Monkeys

The "Palm Beach Monkey", by Voyentzie, located in the Palm Beach Grill, was inspired by the real life pet monkey that belonged to Addison Mizner, a famed architect in Palm Beach, Florida in the 1930s. Mizner strolled the streets of the city with his pet monkey, "Johnny Brown", on his shoulder. The lore is that his monkey smoked cigarettes and drank martinis…

The BrickTops monkey paintings in the BrickTops Restaurant in Naples, Florida was the first home of all of the next generation monkeys. They are fun loving and slightly mischievous…although they all don't smoke, most of them do have a martini glass even on the golf course!

Those monkey paintings are in the BrickTops restaurants, in Naples, Charlotte, Palm Beach, Nashville, and in many private collections.

Diane and her husband , Peter, of 52 years enjoy spending their time in Connecticut and Florida. They have three grown children and six grandchildren. 



Connecticut Studio

I have been working in my CT studio for over twenty years.  It is a wonderful private place on our property that we built so that I could paint large canvases as well as painted furniture.  I spend most mornings there. The deer and squirrels and wild turkeys are often in view.   There is a window wall on the front of the studio which allows for maximum light. 

1989 Architectural Digest cover , . Faux Marbre and Rosemaling Detailed Design. Lake Tahoe Residence.