About the Monkeys

The "Palm Beach Monkey", which is located in the Palm Beach Grill, was inspired by the real life pet monkey that belonged to Addison Mizner, who was a famed architect in Palm Beach, Florida in the 1930s. Addison Mizner strolled the streets of the city with his pet monkey, "Johnny Brown", on his shoulder. The lore is that his monkey smoked cigarettes and drank martinis…

The BrickTops monkey paintings in the Bricktops Restaurant in Naples, Florida was the first home of all of the next generation monkeys..They are fun loving and slightly mischievous..although they all don't smoke, most of them do have a martini glass even on the golf course!
The BrickTops Monkeys are enjoying drinks in BrickTops Restaurants in Naples, Charlotte, Nashville, Atlanta, St. Louis, Coral Gables, and in Palm Beach.


I painted these first monkeys in 1989.

The Monkey Bar mural is one of the most famous murals in NYC.
This book details the history of that mural as well as other murals of that era. Available on Amazon.